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All of our plants come from reliable nurseries in California or Florida where conditions are perfect for growing full and healthy plants.  We've visited, and continue to visit these areas to make sure we are purchasing from the best greenhouses where the growing practices are consistant with our standards.


Add some color to your display of greenplants with these hardy -and beautiful- flowering plants!

Green Plants

Our standard supply ranges from 2"-10" in pot size but with our sources in Florida, we can find just about any plant in just about any size!


Long lasting and easy to care for, succulents come in all shapes and sizes.  Many designers simply cut the roots off to use in bouquets and wedding designs. Sizes: 2",3", or 4"


Cut out labor and inventory by ordering our pre-planted dishgardens! Just add a bow and it's out the door. Many different sizes and style to choose from.

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