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How do I place an order?

Once your account has been set up (See About Us page for details), you can place an order by email (, by calling in (801-825-2688), or by stopping in to visit with one of our sales associates.  With an active account, you can always come in and pull from our large inventory during business hours as well for same day or next day orders.

For pre-orders, 10-14 days notice will increase the chances of getting everything that you need.  Our flowers come from all over the world and being able to secure the product and move through our logistic channels to get to us can take some time.  Flower availability is always changing due to many factors including weather, logistics, and labor issues at the farm.  We work hard to get the best product at the best prices and we try to get it in right before you need it to make sure it is as fresh as possible!

If something you have ordered is not available, we will contact you as soon as possible to offer possible substitutions.

Can I change my pre-order after it has been submitted?

Yes, but there are a few restrictions-

1. If particular items were already ordered specifically for you. These items cannot be cancelled unless we can find another customer who is willing to buy them.  There are many flowers and supplies out there that we do not have the space, nor the demand, to keep them in our warehouse.  Because of this, we are happy to bring them in just for your order but you must be committed to them.

2. Reducing the quantities of my original order. Order quantities can be changed or eliminated 4+ days before the date of pickup or delivery.  If the date is within 0-3 days of the order, your quantities can be reduced by no more than 25% of the original quantities.  Why? While trying to keep a large inventory of flowers and supplies for our everyday customers, we always order larger quantities when available to fulfill the needs of each customers' order in addition to our open stock inventory.  If our customer changes their quantities ordered by substantial amounts, it increases our inventory numbers to where we will inevitably have to throw away the excess that we cannot sell. If this happened regularly, we would have to increase our prices to account for the amount of waste we would be accruing. We are happy to help you out by allowing you to reduce your order by no more than 25% of the original order.

We suggest you make this your policy when selling to your clients so that you are not stuck with the flowers!

As with any policy, there may be exceptions.  If a situation arises, please contact our sales team. 

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